Hi, i am Ömer YILDIZ, creator of this website. I am a Freethinker Researcher and a Visual Artist who loves to learn, share and create. is a Blog and an Art Store. Our goal is the only spread the Light and share our knowledge all over the world. Its the reason i created this webpage for create a digital library that contains all sorts of knowledges and different opinions and many more etc in the future. You can be a member of the website and share your own knowledges in our library or just read the contents and share on your social media accounts or etc. Also i am making digital artworks and created a Altona Visuals. All of artworks in the Altona Visuals are my own works. You can buy my works via canvas, art poster, ceramic mug, bag, phone case and many more etc. Also you can buy my works via digital file for your own projects. May the Ligth shines all around you my friends.

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