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When narcissists understand they can not manipulate you, they prefer to walk away from you. At the first times, they just seemed to regretful and suffer from what they have done and learn their lessons from that, and then that person dissapears and the new person comes, and true colors have shown themselves, very few of them patient about that and are unable to handle that benevolent state role they doing for long.

And observe what they say after that minute, words that have no connection with what they said before will be evidence of their falsification. Now we have to understand that, the narcissist has no feelings, they are soulless and sordid. All the beautiful words that they say are lies.

All they wants is manipulation, they are programmed sadists to get rid of the pain of anguish that they can not under their own due to their being. To describe the narcissist we can say that they are much more damaged than one can tolerate and compensate-recover their damage. Do not believe their any words, their purpose is to subvert your reality, destroy your personality, do to you as they do to theirself.. They are collapsed, ruined, exhausted, they can not resist to people unlike them.

Their ultimate purpose is the manipulation,control, deceive, and their evil structures manifests when you maintaining your center and remain calm and continueing not to believe them.

What is called narcissism is much more than personal disease, it is a kind of destructive energy that goes around the universe, goes into weak bodies and uses them, controls them, in fact all the problems in the world are battles between narcissism and empathism, selfishnesses and universals, STS's, STO's.

You will be an egoist against narcissism, you will be ruthless against narcissism, you will use disproportionate force against narcissism, you can only repel against narcissist with their own weapons, these creatures that have been pestered to humanity and the nature are destined to destroy and disappear and they will be destroyed in the end..

Karma does not forgive.

They often seem to have a sympathetic loving humanist structure from the outside, they have done so many experiments on the body of the people they encounter, they can take many forms, their own personalities do not have their self, they are programmed beings to record that they see and characterize themselves any form with these parts they stole, they are soulles mechanics, so you can see them in every way.

The narcissist must be destroyed and it will be destroyed, all universal beings must understand it. Of course this problem will not have a radical solution, always the new ones will come, you just parry that you encounter in the name of your individual being, this danger will always persist.

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