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Immortality means the quality of being immortal; exemption from death and annihilation; unending existence; so it is clear that immortality does not necessarily refer to life after death, an existence that begins with the death of the body. It is more than this, it is self existence; Life entirely exempt from death. Life that has always been, will always be. This is what the allness and unity of Life means. "Earth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush's afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes." Like expresses like. The perfection, purity and fullness of Infinite mind produces pure thought — thought fully rounded out — which shows accuracy in word and deed.

2. To accept the creator as our Being, one must stop the effort to create Being, or to create anything except by being the Source of it, or to express anything except by being the Expressor of it. To form or reform outward conditions or forms, the work must commence within and work from within out. Not that the work of reformation is that of an Infinite Mind or Being reforming itself, or making itself different from what it is; such a thing is simply impossible. To reform is a repetition of the act of Being imaging forth its nature. Immortality is not gained by personal works that any man should boast, but it is the truth of an everywhere present intelligent Mind. It is to be laid hold of and brought to light. So, "If ye abide in me, (the I that I am,) and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it will be done unto you."

3. Many at the present time, as well as in the past, have believed bodily immortality possible, and have worked to attain its demonstration. The general belief held is that immortality of form depends upon some special unfoldment, due to personal effort. The author has met with spiritual students who were trying to immortalize their bodies by affirmations without any knowledge of or reference to the greatest thing ever known, that there is but One Substance or One Spirit, and not two; and that two substances cannot be found any more than can the Holy Spirit and another spirit be known; and that the All is self-existing. The consciousness of Truth is the day, or light, in which Jesus said, "Ye shall know that I am in the Father, and ye in Me, and I in you." What is not, cannot be demonstrated. What is, can be.

4. The following testimony of a theologian is direct and good: "The most radical and far-reaching disclosure of the evolutionary philosophy is that of the unity of Law and Life and Truth. It is the revelation and convincing proof that there is not a dualism in the universe — that there are not two verities, one of the Divine and one of the human ; that there are not two moralities, the one of heaven, the other of earth — but that all law is one, all life is one, all Truth is one. It is almost bewildering to think of the effect of such a revelation upon all our thinking. It has already been the solvent of many ancient superstitions, and it will be the solvent of many more." The law of heaven is the law of earth. Those who are seeking the law of heaven through death, ignore the fact that it is the only law of earth manifested here and now. They are dealing with a supposed separation that does not exist. The law of God is God himself. The law of good is good itself. It is to be seen that Divine Science is entirely free from worldly opinions of materialism, mortality and dualism. Where this great Truth is not understood, immortality is argued for, as possible for the future, and the fact of its reality is overlooked.

5. Paul speaks of immortality as something that already is, and is to be put on. "When this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality," death is swallowed up in life. What is the truth to which Jesus referred, when he said: "If a man — any man — keep my sayings he shall never see death." One of these sayings is, "I am the Resurrection and the Life." Another is, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life ;" also, "I and my Father are One." Then, it is clear from this teaching that we must see the Unity of Substance and accept the Truth that we are it, which is oneness with the Father; that in Him we have Being; that in Sonship is life, and the life is the light of men; that in my flesh do I see God; that my substance was not hid from Thee or from Me before I was expressed in the earth; that I am co-eternal and self-existent in God.

6. Divine Science and Natural Science meet in the Infinitude and Omnipresence of God; the unity of the All. Divine Science has a definite system of teaching based on and in the allness and everywhereness of the One, and the nowness of Eternal Life. Natural Science has formulated nothing, but it holds in conjecture what will be the result of this mighty Truth. The old line of demarcation between what was supposed to be the natural and the real, or the natural and the spiritual, has disappeared, for Science proves that we are here and now in a spiritual world, in the true sense of the term; and it is only to false beliefs and opinions that it does not seem so.

A minister once said to the author, "I would be afraid to teach as boldly as you do, for fear that some professor would discover something contrary to what I was teaching." He who knows Truth is certain that all discoveries will blend with what he knows. Do you wonder that the feelings of so many people are deeply stirred at the present time on this mighty truth, when, as one Natural Scientist has expressed it, they see "God as the ultimate fact and Spirit the one foundation on which all things rest?" This is a well known fact, into which the scientists of the twentieth century have entered and are living. Dr. S. Stanley Hall has said, "Out of the research of chemists and biologists there is unfolding something that might as well be called love as anything else.

The word 'love' is the most fitting motto to be placed in any of our biological laboratories; for the reinforcement of the good old Bible doctrine of love is coming through the microscope and the laboratory." Prof. Dolbear says, "I think we are very near to a scientific basis of immortality that will transform most of our thinking." Prof. A. J. Duboise believes that the discovery has already been made, and presents his arguments with great force in an essay entitled "Science and Immortality." The following is an extract: "The Scientific basis of Theism is recognized by all Scientific men, whatever their religious beliefs or their views of a future life."

An eminent Physicist was asked the question, "Will college text books declare the unity of force, the oneness of phenomena, physical, mental and spiritual?" He replied, "Yes, even the most elementary manuals will begin with the fact of Deity as the first fact of physical knowledge, and thus bring Theology and Science into solidarity." Commenting on this statement, Dr. C. T. Stockwell says: "What a thought is this ! As we look out into space we see God. In a rose, a lily, a sunset, we see God's idea of beauty. Looking out among the swimming worlds of stars, the majesty of God is revealed to the open mind. This view leaves no room in the whole universe for death or dead matter. There is absolutely nothing but life anywhere. God has nothing but Himself to make His children out of. They are perfect because He is perfect. They live because He lives. There is only one Mind, and they share it only one Spirit, and they are Spirit."

7. The foregoing testimony of Scientists must forever do away with the belief that we are mortal, and establish the fact that there is no mortal mind, mortal man or self, or any mortality whatever. Divine Science establishes fully, absolutely, through its system, and there is no dual power, no duality anywhere in Supreme Being, or in visible existence ; that the pronoun I, spoken with limitless meaning, and the word Father, are One. "He is antichrist that denieth the Father and the son."

8. Let us conclude: That since there is but One Substance, two cannot be found ; so, if the bodies of two men, one in a state of health and the other supposed to be in a state of disease, were resolved back to their original elements, nothing would be found in one that could not be found in the other; the elements of either would not be found to be temporal or diseased; both are indestructible, hence in a state of ease. They are traceable chemically and scientifically to the one Supreme Cause. Not an atom of anything that is can in any wise by any means be annihilated. Where then is immortality of body to be found, if not in the elements of which it is composed and in the indestructible idea of form. The idea of form being eternally in Infinite Mind, which is the basis of its continuous demonstration, or prolonged life, it should be recognized as eternal in idea. Mortality then is relegated to suppositional belief and opinion; into the nothingness of which falsehood consists. That which is without foundation is, in symbolic language, assigned to the bottomless pit. This pit is intended to represent what becomes of conditions and beliefs that have no reality in truth.

9. Jesus taught that "If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, then are ye my disciples, and ye shall snow the Truth and the Truth shall make you free" from death. He taught His disciples that they were what He was, and said: "Go tell the people that I ascend unto my God and your God, and my Father and your Father.'' He taught the common origin of us all, and that we are all one in nature ; and the only demand that was made was that we "believe on Him whom God hath sent," even on ourselves who are sent into the world. He said, "Ye believe in God, believe also in Me." He that believes in Jesus, must believe in himself as the sent of God.

10. Then can bodily immortality be demonstrated? Yes, Jesus demonstrated it. What has been done can be done and is being done. Jesus was an example of bodily immortality. To follow that example is to be what Jesus is and do as He does — the things that I do. How did Jesus bring Eternal Life and immortality to light? By revealing the truth of Being. "If ye keep my sayings ye shall never see death." "He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father," for "I and my Father are One." "The words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life." To keep His words is to represent the truth of what He is; and to thus represent the truth is to be what He is. Divine Science proves that immortality is not dependent and Healing on anything, but is, and is eternal Truth, which every tongue should confess; a truth to be realized both universally and individually. That the Supreme All is Eternal, is the foundation fact of realization.

11. Then to know that our bodies are included within ourselves, and that we are co-eternal and co-equal with God before our form is expressed, is to know that our bodies are begotten as was the body of Jesus; that God is the Father, Source and Cause of our bodies. That we are born into the world a living demonstration of the Fatherhood of God. Divine Science is the system of teaching in which man's divinity is known and proven, as we find him here in bodily existence. It is the system that teaches the absolute salvation of the body, so that it can be understood and applied. It teaches the truth of Being, of creative action, and creation; and proves the Creator, creative action and creation to be a trinity in unity, One living and true Good. Divine Science recognizes no mortality, no corruption — "God will not allow His holy one to see corruption." It recognizes no evil, or falling short in its system. It knows no partial truth, no temporal life, no death, for it is the perfect truth, which is always with us — that has already come; so that which was, in part to observation, is done away, with a true knowledge of Being. Salvation means to be saved from death, saved from death here and now. So let us lay hold of the allness and everywhereness of God, and prove that life is eternal; that it is now what it shall ever be. Let us live in the present, and know that now never ends, and we will find that all practical good is already demonstrated.

Life is all in all.

I am Life exempt from death.

I am Substance exempt from mortality.

I am Intelligence unvarying.

I am Power unending.

I am what is, was, and evermore shall be.

This is the True freedom promised us, even Eternal Life.


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