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THOTH - Tablet VI: The Key of Magic

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Hark ye, O man, to the wisdom of magic. Hark to the knowledge of powers forgotten. Long, long ago in the days of the first man, warfare began between darkness and light. Men, then as now, were filled with both darkness and light; and while in some darkness held sway, in others lights filled the soul. Aye, age old is this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light. Fiercely is it fought all through the ages, using strange powers hidden to man. Adepts have there been filled with the the light; but others there are who, filled with brightness, have ever conquered the darkness of night. Where e'er ye may be in all ages and planes, surely ye shall know of the battle with night. Long ages ago, the SUNS of the Morning, descending, found the world filled with night. There in that past time began the struggle, the age old battle of darkness and Light.

Many in that time were so filled with darkness that only feebly flames the light from the night. Some there were, masters of darkness, who sought to fill all with their darkness; sought to draw others into their night. Fiercely withstood they, the masters of brightness; fiercely fought they from the darkness of night. Sought they ever to tighten the fetters, the chains that bind man to the darkness Of night. Used they always the dark magic, brought into man by the power of darkness; magic that enshrouded man's soul with darkness. Banded together in as order, BROTHERS of DARKNESS, they through the ages, antagonists they to the children of men. Walked they always secret and hidden, found yet not found by the children of men. Forever they walked and worked in darkness, hiding from the light in the darkness of night. Silently, secretly, use they their power, enslaving and binding the souls of men. Unseen they come and unseen they go. Man in his ignorance calls THEM from below.

Dark is the way the DARK BROTHERS travel, dark with a darkness not of the night, traveling o'er Earth they walk through man's dreams. Power have they gained their plane, In ways that are dark and unseen by man. Into man's mind-space reach the DARK BROTHERS. Around it, they close the veil of their night. There through its lifetime that soul dwells in bondage, bound by the fetters of the VEIL of the night. Mighty are they in the forbidden knowledge, forbidden because it is one with the night. Hark ye, O man, and list to my warning: be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the BROTHERS of DARKNESS. Keep thy face ever Turned toward the LIGHT. Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow only has come through the Veil of the night. Aye, man, heed ye my warning: strive ever upward, and yet greater power to bind with darkness the children of LIGHT.

List ye, O man, to he who comes to you. But weight in the balance if his Words be of LIGHT [i.e., 'try the spirits']. For many there are who walk in DARK BRIGHTNESS and yet are not the children of LIGHT ['the very thing I thought would save me, slew me']. Easy it is to follow their pathway, easy to follow the path that they lead. But yet, O man, heed ye my warning: Lights comes only to him who strives. Hard is the pathway that leads to the WISDOM, hard is the pathway that leads to The LIGHT. Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway; many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT. Yet know ye, O man, to him that o'ercometh, free will he be of the pathway Of Light. Follow ye not the DARK BROTHERS ever. Always be ye a child of the LIGHT. For know ye, O man, in the end LIGHT must conquer and darkness and night be banished from Light. Listen, O man, and heed ye this wisdom; even as darkness, so is the LIGHT ['they are 'both' alike unto thee].

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